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Responsible Reading.

Okay folks, with regard to the previous post, let's use a few brains, shall we? I know most of you have them. There's no sense in selectively turning into a retard when reading one of my posts. I don't know why I bother asking ahead of time for folks not to assume something in my statement I KNOW they're going to, because they wind up doing it anyway... even after I've asked them not to.

It's getting very tiring continually battling irresponsible readers. If I make a statement like, "Those green-dicked Mexicans named Jose are idiots!", it won't be five minutes before someone responds with, "How dare you say all Mexicans have green dicks and are named Jose!" Maybe it's a knee jerk furry response to ensure that everything is always completely inclusive, I don't know.

In the last post, I said, "Cops are assholes!"

People started responding, and the statement suddenly turned into, "OMG, 2 said that every cop that has ever existed in history or will ever be in the future in our entire finite universe and beyond is an asshole, and here's why he's wrong!"

C'mon, folks. Don't be idiots.

It's extremely easy to rip apart a statement if you're going to fabricate it into something this ridiculous.

Because I didn't take care to account for the morons who would imagine reading "All" in front of my "cops are assholes" statement and give a legal fucking disclaimer and definition for every word and party involved is not a good excuse to let your brain leak out your ear and pound some half-baked, offended response out on your keyboard. Use your head!

This is the most turd-brained excuse I know of for disagreeing with someone. If I'd said, "Dude, houses are drafty," would there actually be three pages of speculation on whether I meant "all" houses or just "some" of them?

For the "not all cops are like that!" people... Congratulations on slapping down a statement I never made with an argument I predicted and responded to before you made it. Good job, Billmer.

The reason I said that was a bullshit argument was because it's a statement that doesn't even disagree with what I said. Furthermore, it essentially insinuates that because not every cop acts like a dick means that I'm wrong, incorrect or bigoted to complain that ANY of them do. It's a common, modern, politically correct attitude with which I will NEVER agree.

So for those few people over whose head this very simple and straightforward statement zoomed... go to hell. Don't get me wrong, I honestly do love you guys, even when you misread me or disagree with what I have to say... but go to hell. :)
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