2 (2_gryphon) wrote,

Some questions for you nice people.

First, a question just for the gamers...

You ever have one of those days when your FPS playing goes completely to shit for some astronomically unfathomable reason and you find yourself failing in an almost planets-are-aligned-against-you kind of way?

I'm not a half-bad FPS gamer, if I do say so. Especially for an old guy. I almost always wind up in the top three of every game I play... especially if it's FEAR Combat. Even playing on consoles, I still rank somewhere in the middle. And, as every PC gamer knows, playing an FPS with a damned joystick is like trying to carve a turkey with a bowling ball. So, I'm not top elite FRAG-MASSAH, but I am a force to be reckoned with.

But this morning, I'm playing COD4 on Xbox, and I swear I couldn't get ten seconds past spawn. And it wasn't just me. People were pulling sick shit I've never seen before. I'm standing in the middle of a pile of my own teammates and a fleeing bad guy takes a single shot at the group with a pistol -- without even aiming, mind you -- and it headshots me.

An enemy sniper is backstabbed across the map and his rifle fires as he dies. The bullet travels through the trees, in through a building window and out through another, goes THROUGH the bit of sheet metal I'm standing behind and kills me all the way on the other side of the map. The guy couldn't even have scoped me!

Some jack off throws a random grenade. It bounces off a building, in through a window, tumbles down a stair case and winds up in the corner of a basement a quarter second before I spawn right on top of it.

This went on for an hour at least! It was like the gaming Gods hated me today! Is it just me, or does that happen to anyone else now and then?

And now, a question for all of you...

Occasionally, I run around on a MUCK here and there with an alt character that nobody knows. I just like playing different characters sometimes. But it does give me an interesting opportunity from time to time to find out a few things -- say, for instance, when I'm hanging out it a room and the topic of discussion turns to 2, The Ranting Gryphon. Normally, I just sit back and listen. But occasionally, I will ask a question or two. If someone says they don't like 2, I will sometimes ask why. It gives me a chance to learn places I might be able to improve myself from someone who has no reason to be dishonest.

I'm usually very objective about what I hear, but recently, I got my feelings hurt a bit.

As I was hanging out in a place, playing a character no one knew, someone said about my comedy... "2 does it as a job, not for the fans." And "He's too wrapped up in his fame."

Ok, I can accept that opinion. But this one bothers me particularly because these are two things that I've tried very hard NOT to do! I mean... I'm on food stamps here. I don't charge a penny for the shows I do in the fandom. I've never made money from the 2 Sense Show or my rants. If not for the fans, I don't know what I would possibly be doing it for, because it sure ain't the money.

My question is... does anyone else feel this way? Do I give off this impression? Be honest. Because if I do, then I want to change that!

P.S. If the person who said these things actually reads this post, remember, I'm not angry or upset. And you don't have to make a confession here. I'm glad you said what you did because it may give me the chance to better myself. So don't feel bad or anything.
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