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Hey! Only 21 days left to pre-reg for FCN! Hurry, hurry! Remember, a Supersponsor or "Pimp" membership as we call them is only $60 and includes free beer all weekend! We'd love to see you there.


Now, a few words about this convention...

I've heard a couple of interesting rumors floating around that I'd like to address.

First of all, some people have an assumption that because our abbreviation is similar to Further Confusion, that we are associated with them. Let me just clear this up. In our fandom, there are really only two words one can use to identify us as members. "Anthro" and "furry". And our gatherings are generally of two types. "Cons" and "meets". That means there are roughly four letters to play with here. AFCM. And there is already a convention for pretty much any combination of those letters. It's tough to come up with a snappy name for a furry convention that doesn't contain those letters. Our initials, "FCN", is therefore purely coincidental. We aren't associated with Further Confusion, though we do consider them a "partner" simply in the form that we are all here to help make our fandom a more fun place to be!


Yes, it's true, I am the vice-chair and programming director of FCN. There has been a rumor going about that this convention is actually "2-con"...  A con that I've started simply to glorify myself.

To that, I can only say...

Ok, you caught me. Tee hee! FCN is my own, personal vanity con! Yaaay! We have a lot of programming, a great GOH, and lots of fun things to do... but they're all just for me! So don't any of you dare show up and have a good time!

Honestly... Gir (the con chair) and I came up with the idea for FCN because we wanted to show some furs a good time. We've both been to a lot of conventions. I've been on the staff of a lot of conventions. And we and the staff think we'd be able to throw one hell of a party. Everyone on staff has worked very hard to see that we'll be a nice place for furries to come and have a good weekend.

So if you want to think this is my vanity con, fine. I probably can't change your mind. The point is still to show furries a damn good time. So if you want to pass up a weekend of furs and fun just because you think I'm doing this for myself, then you go ahead and stay home. We'll be having a great party up here in Michigan. :)

Hope to see you in April!
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