? ?
Someone I like to remember.   
02:39am 04/11/2011
  When I was in my late teens, my father was in a mental asylum. Why was
he in an asylum? Because he was a crazy fuck. That's not the point.

For the year and a half he was in the asylum, my family would come to
visit him about twice a month. And during that time, I met some of the
most interesting people I've ever met. There was the paint sniffer who
could do cryptograms in 17 different languages. The maniac who killed
his whole family but saved a helpless kitten from a sewer drain. The man
who believed with all his heart that each cigarette he smoked would end
with his death, and then rejoiced with the happiness of a cancer
survivor each time he put one out and was not dead.

Obviously, security in a place like this was pretty tight. There were
several security checks to go through before you were let into "E
Wing"... the place they kept the violent and unpredictable patients.
Sometimes, the waits were pretty long. They could only allow so many
visitors at a time so they could keep track of everything. And when
there were a lot of visitors to E Wing, sometimes you spent a lot of
time in the waiting room.

The waiting room was a perfect scene for a crazy-house film. A long
hallway with bars on all the windows. Built sometime in the 1930's, it
had the old timey black and white tiled floor. Doors with square glass
windows in each, complete with the painted names of the occupants who
worked in those rooms. Ceiling fans hung from a ceiling perhaps 15 feet
high. An ancient stairway leading to upper floors. Occasionally,
psychotic screams would echo down the stairwell. This isn't a story,
this actually happened.

One time, while my family was waiting in this "lobby" to get to the next
checkpoint and hopefully E Wing to visit my father, my mother struck up
a conversation with another woman who was waiting to see a doctor. This
was a black woman... someone white people didn't normally converse with
voluntarily in Arkansas, even when I was growing up.

The black woman was frantic to see a doctor and have her daughter
committed. And as she talked, her daughter who was there with her,
walked intently back and forth along the tiled hallway, turning when she
reached each end and heading back the other way until she again reached
the end. She said nothing. She responded to no one. It was as if she
didn't realize any of us were there. As though she was in her own world.
Her eyes were a million miles away, seeing things that no one else saw.
Occasionally, she would speak to no one. Responding to questions that
hadn't been asked. Making comments on beautiful dresses that no one was
wearing. In spite of myself, my immediate reaction to the young, crazy
black girl was to be frightened of her.

And in one very terrifying moment, as I was standing at the end of the
hall she was walking toward, she made a slight variation in her walking
routine. Instead of reaching the end of the hallway and turning
immediately back to begin her excursion the other direction, she paused
when she reached me. For a brief moment, she lifted her eyes to look
into mine and seemed as though she might have joined us in reality for
just a split second as she grabbed my hand.

She squeezed hard! Looking into my eyes the whole time. And as I
watched, her eyes and mind again wandered away to some unseen place. But
she kept the grip on my hand. I was terrified! I kept looking toward
her mother, hoping that this was some kind of recognized behavior she
could ease my mind by telling me it was something she always did. I
didn't help that her mother's expression was as surprised as mine was.

The girl began her walk toward the other side of the hallway, holding my
hand tightly in her's. So, I went with her, holding her hand the whole
way. When she got to the other end, she turned around, still holding my
hand, to begin the 20 second journey to the other side. I followed.

The girl never looked at me again. She never said another word. But as I
walked with her, her agitation seemed to melt away and her walk turned
from a desperate search into a casual stroll. I still remember her
mother remarking in the background that she'd never seen her take to
someone the way she was taking to me. I remember hearing her mother say
that it was the most relaxed she'd seen her daughter in years.

I walked up and down that hallway with that crazy girl clutching my
hand, as though it was something she desperately needed for some unknown
reason, for about an hour and a half. I have no idea what the girl was
thinking. I don't know what in the world holding my hand meant to her. I
was never even told the girl's name. But I have never in my life felt
more needed by anyone.

Sometimes I think about that girl. I wonder where she is.
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End Of Gryphon Lazy Season   
11:50am 07/09/2011
  Hello folks! I have a few bits of news for you...

First -- Antheria has extended their online registration until the 15th of this month. Originally, we cut it off on the 1st of September, but when we did, we started getting e-mails from a lot of folks who didn't get a chance to register and wanted to. Only the Pharaoh Level members can go on the yacht trip and you can only register as a Pharaoh online, not at the door (mainly because we have to be able to make the yacht reservations ahead of time). So you now have until the 15th to register online! Don't worry if you don't make it though, you can always pay for basic membership at the door if you miss it.

Second -- A lot of you out there have been asking me when the 2 Sense Show is returning or when there will be new rants. Many of you know that I had to move this summer and the studio had to be rebuilt. I'm happy to say that it's nearly complete. What does this mean? It means I'll have to stop being lazy, you'll have more rants and shows to watch and the neighborhood will slowly start wondering where that slight smell of sulfur and bad cabbage is coming from.

More news to come!
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Oh balls. I'm still alive.   
04:50am 16/07/2011
  I realize I've been dropped off the planet for some time now. I just wanted everyone to know that I'm back now.

The fact is, I attempted suicide. I felt worn out. Tired. And there didn't seem to be anything worth living for. So I tried to kill myself.

I considered the method by which I would shuffle off this mortal coil carefully, and in the end, I decided that I would go with an unusual, difficult and torturous method that would allow me a long and painful death. I decided to wait till 3 weeks before AnthroCon to prepare, attend AnthroCon as a dealer, performer and panelist, and the very day I returned, I would pack everything I own within three days, move to another apartment, unpack everything I own within three days and then sit down and drink a bottle of whiskey. I didn't actually expect to get to the whiskey because I thought I would surely be dead by then.

However, after the whiskey, I laid down on my bed and waited for death. I lost consciousness, proud that I had suffered through my long and tortured suicide. But then... I woke back up later. Turns out I was just sleeping.

So! Just to let everyone know, my suicide attempt failed and now I'm left alive, having attended another AnthroCon and am in a nice new apartment. I know, I know... I can't do anything right.

Some people have asked about the studio and the 2 Sense Show. The studio has moved along with me and I'll be setting that up soon. As soon as that happens, there will be more 2 Sense!

And, by the way... AnthroCon this year. Epic. Totally epic and I'll write more about that soon.

Good to be back! Hope everyone is having a good summer!
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2 Sense Break   
09:52am 04/03/2011
  As most of you guys know, 2 Sense has ended for the season. Technically there WILL be one more episode where we'll introduce you to the folks who auditioned for co-host and show you how they did. That episode has a lot of post production involved though, so it's still being worked on. I'll let you guys know way ahead of time when we plan to broadcast it on Ustream.

2 Sense may be taking a break, but that doesn't mean I'll be disappearing until the show comes back. Right now, I'm working on new stand up material for the live performances I'll be doing at conventions this year, starting with FWA! Any suggestions about things you'd like to hear me talk about?

Also, now that my Thursday thru Saturday nights are open, I'll be filming more rants as some of you have asked for. We'll also be working on a few new shows besides the 2 Sense Show to share with you. And there are some other projects I have in mind that some of you might enjoy.

In any case, keep an eye out for that last 2 Sense of the season, probably coming up within the next couple of weeks (excluding FWA weekend, of course). I'll make sure to keep everyone up to date here and on Twitter and FA.
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2 Sense Delay   
07:48am 05/02/2011
  I know we didn't have a show last weekend and I really hate not doing a show for you guys for so long, but I think I might have to cancel tonight's show. I'm a sick bird!

Earlier this week, Toast brought home a nasty bug. And being the generous, sharing bunny he is, he let me have some too and it taught my face how to explode. There is a bit of a fever and I'm drinking more of my own fluids than I care to.

Sorry about this guys. We really did plan to have a show this weekend and this was just an unexpected turn. Gods willing, we'll be back next weekend, or maybe even for a special middle-of-the-week thing.

I'm going to crawl back into bed for now.
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Angry Birds And Overly Sensitive Pricks   
03:30am 14/12/2010
  Have you played a game called "Angry Birds"? If you don't have a smart phone (iPhone, Droid, Palm) then you probably haven't. Though I hear they are coming out with PC and console versions in the near future.

For those who don't know, let me tell you, this thing is the smart phone equivalent to Tetris. People are going ape shit over it! Since it was released a year ago, over 50 million people have downloaded it! It has sold almost as much as Legend Of Zelda. The reason for this is because it's an awesome game, pure and simple. Easy enough for a child to play, yet intellectually engaging enough for an adult to enjoy for hours. It has every bit the simplistic genius that Pac-Man or Asteroids had. I admit, I am an Angry Birds fan.

However, I sense something on the horizon for this game -- a prediction if you will...

The game plays out in worlds and levels, like the original Super Mario Brothers did. And today, after battling my way through all 15 levels of world 8, I came to world 9 and started on that one. I wasn't thinking on any sort of political level, that is until I reached level 11. That's right... 9-11.

Now this game is full of crazy constructions. That's the point. You have to use a slingshot to fling pissed off birds at their enemies -- a bunch of pigs who've stolen their eggs! The pigs build all kinds of interesting constructions that you have to destroy to get to the pigs. Boats, submarines, bridges, houses -- and skyscrapers. Now though there are plenty of levels that involve demolishing towers that resemble office buildings, I happen to notice that level 9-11 has just that sort of construction also. In fact, there is a box of explosives at the center of the tower which you must crash a bird into, causing the tower to explode and then collapse before you can even finish the level.

Now, mothers have downloaded this game for their kids. It's played by office workers, business people, police officers... probably even a congressman or two. How long do you suppose it will be until someone cries "terrorism"? Because you have to know it's going to happen. In this world of sniveling cuntwaffles just waiting for the next opportunity to whine about some insensitivity toward 9-11, you know SOMEONE out there is going to get butthurt about this.

Anyway, that is my prediction. I may be wrong, but all we can do is wait for it.

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Abandon Journal WRONG!   
02:58pm 13/12/2010
  Whoa. Well, I said if there were enough people still watching this journal to surprise me, I'd keep writing in it. And by "surprise me", I meant somewhere in the ballpark of like... 40 people. Needless to say, when I saw 150 responses in just a few hours, my nuts jumped out of my pants, screamed and fainted.

I actually feel like I should apologize now. Apparently there are quite a few of you who keep up with what I've been doing here. And I'd all but abandoned this thing, thinking no one was reading it anymore. I'm sorry for that!

I will start keeping up with this Journal again then. Actually, I should have some news about some RGS projects soon, including a new show pilot we want to test.
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Abandon Journal!   
04:53am 13/12/2010
  So, I was sitting here with my mouse hovered over the "delete" button for my account...

Livejournal has seen a lot of activity over the years, but lately it seems to be a bit dead. Everyone has moved off to Twitter or Facebook or somewhere else. I've neglected my own journal quite a bit myself lately.

But I think that before I shuffle this journal off to null space, I'd just make sure it wouldn't be disappointing anyone.

So... anyone out there who still reads this journal, say "Aye!" And let me know what other social sites (if any) you frequent. If enough people still read this thing that it surprises me, I'll keep it going and I'll even start updating it regularly again.
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Indyfurcon 2010   
04:40am 25/08/2010
  So, after returning home for one day from RMFC, it was time to board another plane and fly out to IndyFurCon in Indianapolis! You might remember me asking for roomies for the con here in my journal. They flew me out there earlier than usual. I was to depart Los Angeles Wednesday night and return the following Tuesday.

Well, plenty of people wrote to me, offering to give me a place to stay and I want to thank each and every one who offered. Though I wish I could have stayed for a little while with everyone who offered to put me up, that just wouldn't work. So I accepted the offers that most closely matched the time I was going to be there. I had no idea I would learn so much from the people I stayed with over that week. But we'll get to that in a minute...

I will admit, when I first got to the hotel on Thursday, I had doubts. The hallway with the convention space was dark and empty. There were almost no other furs around. I might have thought I had the wrong place if I hadn't seen a few license plates in the parking lot that only furries would have.

What I didn't know is that this was ninja con! It was fairly quiet until registration opened. Then suddenly, POOF! Furries jumped out from everywhere! From under the couches, from the flower pots, rappelled down cables from the skylights... and started partying! Suddenly, it looked like what I know to be a fur con!

There were a few main acts on main stage (which I'm honored to say I was one of) and some great dances and other programming. But the programming was kept fairly light at this convention, which ultimately lead to a lot of hanging out and spontaneous "events", like Bucktown Tiger and Floppy Belly starting up a little contemporary music concert in the convention area hallway. I always love it when those happen! Uncle Kage could even be seen as he was ten years ago, in a lobby chair surrounded by furries who uttered the sacred phrase, "Tell us a story, Uncle Kage!"... so he did!

I know quite a lot of furries who really enjoy "hang-out cons". Well, that's what IFC was. And a very good one! The staff was friendly and helpful. The hotel was nice. There were loads of bouncy fursuiters around to keep things fun (a huge percentage of which were the "squeakers" this time, for some reason). The weekend just cruised by and everyone had a great time.

And then, on Monday morning... *POOF*. As quick as they appeared, they were gone. Indianapolis furries are ninjas. All of them.

Like RMFC, I had a lot of time to hang out with people. And as I said before, I wound up staying with other furries a lot that weekend. Zylana and Drac offered their home to me to stay in during the time the con wasn't going on. And Keeya and Syber had me in their room during the convention.

Now, you may not know what it's like to have fans. Particularly fans that you might... well... want to minimize your time around. I never want to be rude to a fan, but now and then you run into one that's a bit uncomfortable to be around. Before too long, you've run into quite a few fans that have been uncomfortable to be around. And if you're not careful, you will eventually start being prejudice to a certain type of fan, believing that they will be uncomfortable to be around, even though you have never actually talked to them much.

I made new friends at IFC. And I'm happy to say that two of them caused me to realize that while I hadn't realized it, I had build up this kind of prejudice for certain fans. And that prejudice can be dead wrong. I shall not mention names. One of them known exactly who he is and the other is probably completely unaware.

What I will say, to my new friends...

Zylana and Drac. You welcomed me into your home, drank beer and played video games with me, drove me where I needed to go, offered me a warm place to sleep and made me the first home cooked meal I'd had in months. You let me play with your snake! And you didn't ask for a thing in return. You're good people and I won't forget you.

Keeya and Syber. You were two of the most respectful, cheerful and outright fun roomies I've ever had at a convention. You're messy as hell, but your personalities made up for it and more. :) The chats I had with you were insightful and intelligent. I would look on it as an honor if I could room with you again, should the opportunity appear.

Finally, Floppybelly. You were the surprise of the weekend for me. It has been a long time since I've found someone with whom I felt so at ease spending time. I even started spilling my own troubles out to you for a bit, and I rarely get to do that. Talking to you felt like talking to someone I've known for years. I don't know how, but it did. You were awesome and I certainly hope I get the chance to hang out with you again in the future.

So, in short... Great con. Great weekend. Great friends.

My next stop is Eurofurence! But that's... another story *dramatic music*.
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Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2010   
03:05pm 24/08/2010
  Well, it's about time I told you all stuff about the places I've been over the last few weeks!


Wow. These guys really know how to treat a guest! As soon as I stepped off the plane, a friendly furry was waiting there to greet me and the other GOHs that were coming in around the same time. Once everyone had arrived, they took us to a cozy little place in the airport that sells local brews. I wasn't aware there was such a variety that came from the Denver area. After a couple of beers, it was time to get to the hotel.

The organizers totally duped the lot of us. They went off to "find the shuttle". What they didn't tell us at the time was that "the shuttle" was a stretch limo made out of an SUV. It was enormous!

Now, something I found out about the RMFC staff is that they're clever. Deviously clever. They rented an SUV limo for their guests of honor -- an SUV limo with booze in it, no less. They *could* have whisked us off to the hotel before we could say Jack Robinson... but they didn't! They told the driver to take the long way around -- during rush hour! Because of this, we got to chill out in the back of that wonderful limo for far longer, and had the chance to talk to each other! ...and drink booze!

The room they gave me was wonderful. And they were very careful to see to my every need. As someone who is used to just being a performer, I couldn't help feeling like it was more than I deserved.

The con itself was a lot of fun for everyone, except perhaps for two very... spirited individuals who were just a little bit too... um... okay they were just damaged fuckers. They had serious mental issues. Both of them bothered or disturbed enough people at the convention that they were asked to leave. A good call from staff judgment, I think. Other than that, everyone had a ball. The dances were fun, great programming, great hotel (Doubletrees are the best!), lots of happy furs! My performances were a pleasure to do and I hope everyone enjoyed them.

There were two really nice bars with friendly bartenders and good booze... and (praise the Lawrd!) there was a pool table!

And... for the first time in a long time, I was able to do something that I rarely get to do anymore. I made new friends! I don't usually have the time to sit down and talk to people long enough to get to know them. Or for people to sit down and talk to me! Arcturus and I spent Sunday night drinking bloody maries and playing pool. He was a big wad of pure fun to be around. (Though I think I still owe him for some of those drinks.) And the married couple who're in the military together. We ran into each other several times and always wound up in some great conversations. Kitt? You out there? You were terrific to get to know as well.

All these folks wound up being special to me in some way or another, all because I had the chance to hang out more with the con members than usual and talk with them. Of course, that's not to say I didn't enjoy hanging out with everyone else, because I certainly did!

RCFM feels like the old days when even big fur cons were still small enough to have time to see your old friends and meet new ones. It's a simple, straight-forward, solid event that is run in such a way that everything seems to just happen on its own (which I know from experience takes a lot more work than it sounds like). Hotel + fun events + furries. Plain and simple.

I'm adding RMFC to my Awesome List. I would love to return!

After leaving RMFC, I flew back to LA for a day, then it was off to IFC in Indianapolis.

...but that's for the next post!
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The Comedy Store - New Details!   
04:49pm 18/08/2010
  So much news to report! I'll be putting out my thoughts on both RMFC and IFC soon. But first, I have some news about my Comedy Store performance on September 16th in Hollywood.

Toast and I have been making it a point to spend a little time around the place now and then. It's like a hangout for comics! Last night we went there to pick up yet more tickets (we ran out again), and we talked to the organizer of the show. Many of you have been asking questions about the show and I wanted to get some direct answers. So, here you go...

1). What time does the show start? The show will start somewhere around 8:30pm to 9:00pm. However it is recommended that you get there as close to 8:00pm as possible so you can grab a seat and order your drinks.

2). Is there a drink minimum? What if I don't drink alcohol? Are the drinks expensive? There is a two drink minimum at The Comedy Store. A friendly waitress will come by at some point in the evening to take your order. If you don't drink alcohol, that's fine. Soft drinks and even bottled water count as a drink. As for the price, the drinks seem to be about hotel bar priced. Not crazy expensive, but not what you'd call cheap. A bottle of imported beer is about $6, for example.

3). I'm under 21. Will they still let me in if booze is being sold? No, they wont'. Unfortunately, it's a Comedy Store policy. Even if I promised to do a G rated show, they still won't let people under drinking age into the club. I don't like that very much personally, but I can't do a thing about it.

4). How long will your set be? Well, they've arranged for two or three openers for me to make sure they bring in more locals. After that, I will go on and they've told me to plan for a 45 minute set.

5). How many more tickets do you have to sell before you reach 100? At this point... about 16. This show is quickly turning into a little mini furry gathering on the Sunset Strip! I can't tell you guys how thankful I am for this. Every comic I've talked to down there winds up with their eyes bugging out when I tell them how many tickets we've sold. Remember though, we can still sell more after 100. If we get to 250, we've officially sold out the entire house. So if you want tickets, you can still get them! Just Paypal $10 per ticket to 2[at]ranting-gryphon.com with your mailing address and we'll send them right out to you!

Also... The organizer also has some pull with some local hotels on the Strip. He told me that if enough people wanted to stay in the area, he could probably get a group discount at one of the nearby hotels. So, if you're coming in from out of town and you'd like to stay nearby, let me know! If enough people are interested, I might be able to cut some cash off of your hotel stay.

If you'd like any more information on the show, please feel free to write to me at 2@ranting-gryphon.com.
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Comedy Store Performance - UPDATE!   
05:48am 10/08/2010
  Mua! Muahaha! MUAAHAHAA!

*falls over*



I have some good news for those of you who have bought tickets to see me perform at The Comedy Store in Hollywood on the 16th.

On Sunday, while I was at RMFC (details on that con to come!) my acting agent Toast sent me a message. He went to get more tickets from them and they told him they were holding off any further booking for the night I was performing to see what would happen.

Today, after landing in LA, we both went to The Comedy Store to get even more tickets as interest had piqued a bit over the weekend. At this point, the guy in charge of the show I would be performing at said that plans had changed. There has been enough interest shown that they are going to give me my own show. So, for you ticket holders out there, you will not get a mere 8 minutes of performance from me in the middle of a pile of other comics. I will have two or three openers and then I will have a full 30 minute performance to give to you!

I checked out the place for the first time and I about spooged. This isn't just a great venue. Have any of you seen "Man On The Moon", with Jim Carrey playing Andy Kaufman? Remember the final scene in the comedy club? THIS IS WHERE THEY FILMED THAT!

Very classy place with waitresses who come to your table to serve you booze. Great lighting. Great sound. Great crew. As I was there tonight, I could barely resist the temptation to jump on stage and start up into my "Abort The Toast" act!

So, in short, I'm happy to announce that I will no longer be part of a performance at The Comedy Store. I HAVE MY OWN SHOW at The Comedy Store.

Curiously, strange things have already started to happen. I've been getting offers from other comedy clubs in my e-mail. I've been getting texts on my phone from people I don't know inviting me to perform in contests and events. And my performance hasn't even happened yet!

You know, there is a point when every successful performer says something to the effect of, "I wouldn't be here without my fans." I am starting to understand exactly what they mean. At this point, it isn't up to me anymore. It doesn't matter how funny or professional I am. The only thing that matters is how many of YOU come to show me some love. And the support I've received has been amazing. The Comedy Store guy's jaw about hit the floor when I told him people were flying in from Texas for the performance.

So, you know what? Let's blow the roof off this place! We've already amazed them... now, let's make this shit RIDICULOUS! If you haven't gotten a ticket already, e-mail me at 2@ranting-gryphon.com and get one. I want the organizers of this thing standing around saying, "What the FUCK!?" I want them to have to open the extra sections just to get you fuckers in! And, if you can't make the show, you can still help by spreading the word however you can.

You guys have shown your support for me and now, I'm going to give you one hell of a show.
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2 Sense #145   
08:12pm 02/08/2010

2 Sense #145 is up for download.

Watch on demand or download the audio here.

Cover art by Agent Elrond
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This is it!   
04:24pm 31/07/2010
  For the last ten years of my life, I've dedicated myself to entertaining people. Other than jerking off, I've never done ANYTHING for ten years. I've had no jobs, hobbies, relationships, houses or even opinions that have lasted for ten years or more. Yet, when I began entertaining, time seemed to have no meaning any more. As long as there was at least a handful of people out there I was somehow helping to cheer up, laugh or think, I had my reason to continue. You guys have kept me going for an entire decade now, and I don't regret a moment of it.

I've been amazed at the support my fans have given to me over the years. I get e-mails almost every week thanking me entertain folks for so long. Sometimes, I will receive gifts, or a few bucks are dropped into my Paypal as a thank you. I often hear people say that they wish there was something they could do to pay me back for the smiles I've given them. And I have to admit, it really touches me to hear that.

That's why I want to share some news with you. If any of you out there have ever enjoyed the rants, shows or podcasts I've put on and you'd like to do something in return, then after ten years, I finally have a favor to ask of you.

Through a little work on my bunny's part, I have been booked at The Comedy Store in West Hollywood. If you've ever watched Comedy Central, you've seen the venue. Almost any time a comic has a stand up show on that channel, this is the stage it is filmed on.

I'm going to be part of a set of comics performing that night and if enough people come to see me, they will give me my own show. The guy who booked me also does bookings for The Improv and other clubs around the LA area and will start looking at getting me into more of the big clubs if I do well.

I can't count the number of people who've said to me over the years, "You are SO going to be on Comedy Central one day." Well, right now is the time that you guys can make that happen. But I need your support. I can't do it on my own. You guys have the opportunity to put a stand up comic from our own furry fandom into the homes of every mundane in the US for the first time.

And you can do this by coming to see my show. If a massive pile of you guys come in to cheer me on, that will be all the owners and agents need to see. If I can show them how many awesome fans I have in the world, they will send me places.

I currently have 20 tickets for sale to this show. They're going for just $10 each and they buy you an entire night of comedy from several different comics, not just from me. If I run out, you can still get tickets at the door for $15 the night of the show.

As you guys know, I've done comedy clubs and universities in the past. But here in LA, the performances I do could really make a difference. I've been waiting a long time to be sent down this path and I believe that a lot of you out there have been waiting and hoping with me. Well, now it's time.

I would like to invite anyone who can make it to come to The Comedy Store in Hollywood on September 16th and make some noise for me. http://www.thecomedystore.com/home.html Hell, wear your tail and ears! Make a show out of it! I'll be standing on the same stage that has been performed upon by Whoopie Goldberg, Richard Pryor, Jim Carrey, Robin Williams and George Carlin. That's a lot of big shoes to walk in and it would mean more to me than I can say if my friends -- the fans I've come to know over the last ten years -- were there with me to make it home.

If you can make the show and you'd like to buy a ticket, please write to me. 2@ranting-gryphon.com. I will mail your ticket to you or, if you're in the area, I will give it to you personally. Hell, I'll even sign the back.

In the mean time, wish me luck!

P.S. The 2 Sense Show will be on tonight at 10pm Eastern, 7 Pacific. We've permanently changed our day to Saturday, by popular demand. See you tonight!
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Auction Director   
11:14pm 22/07/2010
  Hello folks!

I want to announce that Antheria, California's newest anthropomorphics convention, is looking for a volunteer to be Auction Director. This job would entail arranging the charity and art auctions, getting donated auction items, displaying the items in the art show and being an all around groovy person.

It's not too big of a job, but it's more than someone who's already working in another area can do. And we'd like to fill the position with someone who'd enjoy doing it.

So, if you're in Southern California and you're interested in becoming part of the Antheria team for its first year, please write to me and we can talk about it!

E-mail me at 2@ranting-gryphon.com
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2 Sense #144   
06:35pm 20/07/2010

2 Sense #144 is up for download.

Watch on demand or download the audio here.

Cover art by Agent Elrond
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2 Sense Announcement.   
01:02pm 15/07/2010
  Jibba and I are hot.

Seriously. We're both very hot. It's become the time of year in California when the temperature soars to over 100 degrees in some places. What does this have to do with 2 Sense? Well, Ranting Gryphon Studios happens to be one of those places.

On our last live show, it had barely dropped below 90 degrees in the studio when the show started. It's wasn't crippling, but it was rather uncomfortable. Today and tomorrow are supposed to be even hotter.

So, here's the plan. Jibba and I are going to do the show late at night when it's not half a million degrees in the studio. Then I'll stream it on Saturday at the normal time, 7pm Pacific, 10pm Eastern. We don't plan on doing this much. We like doing the show live much better. But every now and then, we may have to settle with slightly-less-than-live when it gets hot in the summer.

So... 2 Sense. Saturday. 7pm Pacific. And we'll be able to join you in the chat room!
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Missing Youtube Videos   
10:37am 12/07/2010
  Hello again folks!

I just wanted to say thank you for all the well wishes I've received because of the virus I caught while at AnthroCon. I do feel much better now and I am sorry for delivering what I believe was a sub-standard charity show on Sunday because of my illness.

AnthroCon was, once again, amazing. There are so many great people I was able to visit while I was there, such as Jenner, Dark Natasha, Cheetah, Azrael, Agent Elrond, Witchiebunny, Gavin... the list goes on. There were even more people I wanted to see, but didn't have a chance to.

Of course, I can't begin to express my thanks to the enormous number of people who came to watch my show on Friday night. You were all so patient, waiting in a line that damn near went back to the dealer room! I truly do hope you enjoyed the performance.

Which brings me to the subject. I know some of you out there filmed the performance on cameras and cell phones. Some of those videos have surfaced on Youtube and other video sites. And, as some people have inquired about, some of them have since been removed.

I certainly don't want to cause any hard feelings to anyone who filmed the show and put it on Youtube, but my policy on such things goes like this... Yes, you can film the shows. Yes, you can even put bits of them up on Youtube. But if you put my whole damn show up there, I'm probably going to have it taken down. Remember, these shows are how I pay rent and buy groceries. I certainly don't mind when someone puts their favorite parts of my act up to share with others, but if you toss the entire performance up there... well, that could lead to less groceries for me. And birds get cranky when there is less food in their refrigerators.

So, no offense to anyone who might have filmed the videos that were removed. I've got nothing against them personally. I just want to make sure my audience's experience is worth the time and effort they make to actually come out and wait in long lines to see me on stage. And to me, it just doesn't seem like it would be as special if you can download the whole darn thing from the internet, you know?
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2 Sense #143   
05:23pm 10/07/2010

2 Sense #143 is up for download.

Watch on demand or download the audio here.

Cover art by Agent Elrond
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New DVDs Released At Rabbit Valley   
01:52am 08/07/2010
  Hi guys!

For all you guys who were interested in my new DVD released but couldn't get to AnthroCon or missed me at my dealer table, I just wanted to let you know that Rabbit Valley Comics is now accepting online orders for them if you'd like to pick them up. Rabbit Valley can ship anywhere, so it doesn't matter where you are, they'll get them to you... unless you're in southern Nigeria... because it smells funny there.

For more info on the DVDs, you can visit my shop at http://www.ranting-gryphon.com/Shop/Shop.htm, see what's on the disks, watch previews and go right to the ordering page if you like. Rabbit Valley accepts major credit cards and (I think) they do Paypal as well.

Feed a gryphon! Go buy my stuff!
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